Smart Buildings

smart buildings

Smart Buildings will create a scalable foundation for creating the elusive smart city, building by building, from the ground up.

TIA’s Smart Buildings Program is all about connectivity, interoperability, communications and capacity.

Standards and certifications that revise current requirements for building telecom closets, cabling and data centers could free-up space that can be rented. Small cells, in-building distributed antenna systems, neutral-hosts, throttled broadband and in-building edge data centers can also create entire new revenue streams and opportunities for buildings.

Developing smart buildings will give rise to smart campuses, which will foster smart communities, and eventually smart cities. While areas such as smart HVAC, lighting and kiosks directories are integral components of a smart building, TIA and its member companies have identified additional areas of consideration when designing and constructing a Smart Building. These areas of focus include:

  • defining cabling and other integration requirements;
  • certifying neutral host/infrastructure to ensure interoperability;
  • identifying broadband and capacity requirements;
  • scoping of in-building requirements to include FirstNet; and
  • identifying revenue generating opportunities for buildings and rooftop real estate

The goal of this multi-year TIA Technology Program is to unify the broader ecosystem of smart buildings under a recommended framework of best practices to meet functional and performance requirements with adequate security, reliability and availability.