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PARTNER EVENT: DC5G: The Path to Commercialization

DC5G is the one event that represents the entire 5G-connected ecosystem. Enterprise markets, local municipalities, telcos, industry experts, satellite service providers, device manufacturers, federal policy makers and innovative adopters will gather for the second year to learn about the potential of the next generation of connectivity.

TIA Issues Call for Interest on Three Smart Buildings-Related Standards Projects

Stakeholders Invited to Contact TIA Regarding Participation                                                        The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR- 42.1 Engineering Committee on Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure has issued a call for interest for three standards projects related to smart building performance. For document ANSI/TIA-4966-A initially titled “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Educational Facilities,” TR-42.1 is developing guidelines to update the addendum, current standards and…

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PARTNER EVENT: Smart Buildings: What is Possible?

Stantec is hosting focus group sessions with the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to explore the Smart Building ecosystem and how we can collaborate to economically and efficiently develop these facilities from the ground up.

PARTNER EVENT: North Texas Smart Cities Summit

The North Texas Smart Cities Summit gathers municipal executives and federal and state policy advocates together with academic and industry thought leaders to address Smart Grids, Intelligent Buildings, Data Management, Public Safety LTE/FirstNet, and Cybersecurity.  

As the Pace of Innovation Accelerates, Technology Standards are at the Forefront of Connected Societies

The technology landscape is constantly evolving as high-tech is developed, old technologies improved, and new policies introduced. As the world races toward a 5G future, technology standards have become more important than ever before. Standards—both new and existing—will be vital to the development and adoption of tomorrow’s technologies.

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TIA’s Technology vertical brings together member companies and other stakeholders across a variety of industries impacted by communications technologies. TIA has five technology-based working groups of interest that convene to solve unique challenges, shape solutions and provide strategic guidance to enable next-generation products and services across markets. Network Service Assurance Network assurance is the application…

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Sustainability efforts are fueled by technological advances, regulations, and best practices in energy efficient data centers, smart buildings, fuel cells in critical infrastructure and green procurement.

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Smart Buildings

A smart building is a facility with advanced automation and integration to monitor and optimize facility operations and maintenance.

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Internet of Things

The future of the world economy lies with the Internet of Things (IoT) and it has the potential to offer business value that goes beyond operational cost savings. At its most basic, the Internet of Things is a network of physical objects, devices and systems connected to the internet that contain embedded technology and sensors…

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As the ICT market remains immersed in a period of rapid transformation, TIA works diligently to stay ahead of the change.

TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems

The TR-42 Engineering Committee develops and maintains voluntary telecommunications standards for telecommunications cabling infrastructure in user-owned buildings, such as commercial buildings, residential buildings, homes, data centers and industrial buildings.