TIA Position Paper: Central Office Evaluation Strategy for Deployment of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Equipment
Next generation networks coupled with the roll-out of 5G will require a significant evolution of the traditional central office to function more like a data center.
TIA Commends FCC for Reactivating Equipment Authorization System

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Hosted by members of TIA’s Government Affairs team, the DC Beat – TIA’s Policy Podcast Series unpacks critical regulatory decisions and legislative policy issues facing the ICT industry.

TIA’s Releases New Position Paper on Edge Data Centers

TIA staff comment on the latest news and events affecting the ICT industry on the Wavelength blog.

Video: The Future of Connected Vehicles



TR-42 Conference

January 28 - February 01

This is the first TR-42 conference of 2019, a 5-day event where new and existing projects will be reviewed. Elections will also be held for several sub-committees.

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Utilizing the TL 9000 Performance Data Advanced Graphical Reporting Capability

January 29, 10:30 am - 11:30 am

A new dashboard is available for TIA’s Business Performance Community members to view advanced PDR metrics for multiple product categories and create visual reporting using the tool which would help them compare their company’s metrics against the Industry Average, Best in Class and Worst in Class metrics per measurement, per product category and to provide their standings when compared to their competitors. The new dashboard helps to provide some useful results of basic statistical analysis.

MWC19 Barcelona Partner Programme:
Smart Buildings & 5G: The Use Case

February 27, 09:30 am - 12:45 pm

The infrastructure demands of 5G through Smart Buildings.

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