TIA CTO Council Explores Research Collaboration with Los Alamos National Labs

On March 8, TIA's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Council, a group of industry-leading ICT technologists, met with senior scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories to get a hands-on look at the lab's ICT research capabilities and explore opportunities for public-private research collaboration. The visit included technical discussions regarding cutting edge ICT research in the areas of nanotechnology, meta-materials, integration of renewable energy sources into the electric grid, massive data movement, cloud computing, cybersecurity and complex modeling and simulation capabilities.

Watch a TIA NOW video interview with Jake MacLeod Founder and President of Gray Beards Consulting and co-chair of the TIA CTO Council, and TIA Director of Technology & Innovation Policy Joseph Andersen, who attended the meeting in Los Alamos.

"A primary reason for U.S. primacy in ICT innovation has been a strong, unparalleled research ecosystem consisting of robust government, university and industrial research institutions, emerging start-ups, mature technology companies, private financing, federal funding and a pool of talented researchers," said TIA President Grant Seiffert. "The national labs are a national treasure and are becoming an increasingly important source of basic research for our industry."

TIA's CTO Council is currently developing a framework agreement for ICT companies interested in collaborating with Los Alamos National Laboratory.

"In the current economic environment, both TIA companies and the national labs are actively seeking opportunities to leverage existing resources to maximize innovation in the ICT sector," continued Seiffert. "Innovation is often a result of bringing together the right people with the right resources. One of TIA's goals is to help facilitate and streamline industry collaboration with the national labs."

TIA's CTO Council provides high-level industry input to senior policymakers on key technology policy issues such as cybersecurity, spectrum, broadband deployment and adoption, energy efficiency and cloud computing, as well as issues related to the U.S. ICT research ecosystem such as R&D funding, Science Technology Engineering and Mathetics (STEM) education, visa reform, patent reform, and R&D commercialization. The Council consists of senior levels technologists from the ICT industry and has the objective to make significant and substantive contributions in support of the ICT industry in the United States.

For more information on the CTO Council, please contact Joseph Andersen at jandersen@tiaonline.org.