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    The "Internet of Things” is about to take on billions of low and high bandwidth devices, but are service providers and operators considering the barriers to entry in the IoT space?

  • There are growing questions about where industry stands on net neutrality. Who dictates the rules of net neutrality? What is the significance of reclassifying the Internet under the FCC’s Telecom Act? How can industry benefit from the services offered by TIA’s... more

    Industry luminaries say 5G networks will make broadband accessible and affordable for all end users. But what are the true capabilities of 5G networks and is it too soon to speculate on the next generation of connectivity? 

  • The FCC guidance is the result of years of constructive efforts between TIA and the FCC, beginning in 2012.

    385 pages of objective and thorough research - presented in colorful, readily usable form. Use the source that delivers a better grasp of ICT markets and spending.