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  • Join us in sharing your thoughts on the driving need for diversity in the digital workforce, the importance of STEM, STEAM and ongoing education, their path of passion in the work they do, the effect it has had on their career, and the cultural and financial impact diversity brings to... more

    TIA & QuEST Forum announce they have reached an agreement to merge the two associations. The move is part of a strategic effort to offer support and services that address a full range of needs facing the connectivity industry. ... more

  • Join us for a workshop and meeting of the Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards (CITS), hosted by TIA and ITU. Hear from thought leaders discuss the needs and advancements in autonomous transportation communications infrastructure, as well as the impact of autonomy as it transforms our... more

    On May 18, the FCC voted to accept Chairman Ajit Pai’s Restoring Internet Freedom Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, which addresses the future of the net neutrality rules. Discussing what this means for consumers and the companies that build these networks are a former FCC commissioner and TIA... more