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TIA Values Mean Business for Members

Your Membership Contact: John Jacobs, Vice President of Membership and Industry Relations, 703.907.7747, or E-mail membership@tiaonline.org.

Innovation, Investment, Economic Growth and Global Competitiveness. TIA converts these core values into initiatives to benefit our members and the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

When you join TIA, you gain access, authority and intelligence designed to assist your firm with:

  • Protecting your company's interests when standards and policies are being formulated
  • Engaging peers and industry decision-makers regularly about market challenges or business opportunities
  • Accessing timely news, information and market intelligence via TIA NOW’s digital content and via TIA’s own Market Review & Forecast
  • Expanding your business to overseas markets efficiently and effectively
  • Taking the lead on green initiatives within the ICT industry

If you manufacture or supply ICT equipment, products or services anywhere in the world, and represent a Public, Enterprise or Utility Network firm, join TIA today! Find the application below appropriate for your organization.

General Membership (Online Application | PDF Application)

Companies engaged principally in the business of developing, manufacturing, distributing, selling, installing, launching or consulting in respect to communications or information technology products (including software).

Affiliate Service Provider/Enterprise Membership (PDF Application)

Companies engaged substantially in the provision of communications services as a common carrier or providing communications services of any nature, including voice, data transport, video or Internet services and by any transmission means including, but not limited to, wireline, wireless, cable, Internet or satellite are eligible for TIA's Affiliate Member- Service Provider/Enterprise Membership.

Associate Membership (Online Application | PDF Application)

Companies that are not eligible for General Membership are eligible for Associate Membership if they are interested in the field of telecommunications and would like to share in TIA's mission.

TIA Membership Pricing Structure

Annual Revenue

Annual Dues
<$5 Million $1,200
$5 Million to $299,999 $240 per $1 Million in Revenue
>$300 Million $72,000

Your Membership Contact: John Jacobs, Vice President of Membership and Industry Relations, +1.703.907.7747 or E-mail membership@tiaonline.org.

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Whether your need is to better market your company, participate in Standards, or receive up-to-date info about regulatory developments that affect your business, TIA stands ready to assist you.