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Your Membership Contact: John Jacobs, Vice President of Membership, Market Development and Industry Relations, 703.907.7747, or E-mail membership@tiaonline.org.

TIA membership offers your company comprehensive value and the latest critical intelligence to help your company maintain a competitive advantage in the fast-moving global information and communications technology (ICT) arena. TIA members are the leading manufacturers, suppliers, services providers, integrators and users of technology, helping to advance the industry. Through your involvement in TIA:

  • Access the highest levels of government and industry decision makers through consensus-building TIA working groups and committees
  • Advance and protect your intellectual property through TIA's standard setting communities
  • Gain critical intelligence on important developments affecting your business - information you can use now, as you plan your strategic roadmap
  • Meet and develop relationships with innovative technology and business leaders in the ICT value chain
  • Promote your brand and thought leadership at TIA's annual Network of the Future Conference and Spring Policy Summit, through video documentaries and interviews, through sponsored workshops, and on TIA's website
  • Save through discounted benefits available to TIA members only

TIA member companies are the leading innovators providing solutions to the fast-moving mobile and cloud-based business and consumer markets.

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General Membership (Online Application | PDF Application)

Companies engaged principally in the business of developing, manufacturing, distributing, selling, installing, launching or consulting in respect to communications or information technology products (including software).

Affiliate Carrier/Enterprise Membership (PDF Application)

Companies engaged substantially in the provision of communications services as a common carrier or providing communications services of any nature, including voice, data transport, video or Internet services and by any transmission means including, but not limited to, wireline, wireless, cable, Internet or satellite are eligible for TIA's Affiliate Member- Service Provider/Enterprise Membership.

TIA Membership Pricing Structure

Annual Revenue

Annual Dues
<$5 Million $1,200
$5 Million to $299,999 $240 per $1 Million in Revenue
>$300 Million $72,000

Associate Membership (Online Application | PDF Application)

Companies that are not eligible for General Membership are eligible for Associate Membership if they are interested in the field of telecommunications and would like to share in TIA's mission.

TIA Associate Members Pricing Structure

Annual Revenue

Annual Dues
<$35 Million $1,200
$35 Million $6,000

Your Membership Contact: John Jacobs, Vice President of Membership, Market Development and Industry Relations, +1.703.907.7747 or E-mail membership@tiaonline.org.