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Arlington, Va. (Oct. 28, 2014) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, filed comments with FirstNet on its public notice requesting comment on certain preliminary interpretations of FirstNet's enabling legislation, "The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012."

In its comments, TIA says, "Taken as a whole, the Act appears intended to give FirstNet significant latitude with which to carry out its objectives. In fact, FirstNet's unique organizational structure clearly seems intended by Congress to extend to the Authority as least as much administrative discretion as administrative agencies generally receive under the 'Chevron Doctrine.' First, the Public Notice presents interpretations each of which are consistent with the expressed intent of the Act. Secondly to the extent some specific statutory ambiguity may exist, FirstNet's proposed interpretations reflect reasonable constructions of the Act."


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