Optimizing Data Center Performance Workshop - October 16-17



Workshop: Optimizing Data Center Performance: Building and Managing for Today and Tomorrow
Date: October 16-17, 2017 (Evening Reception on October 16)
Location: Arlington, VA (TIA Headquarters, 1320 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22201)

Who Should Attend:

  • Data Center & Co-Location Providers
  • Internet Service Providers, Carriers & Operators
  • Government Agencies and Enterprises focused or working with Data Centers and Cloud Services
  • CTOs, CIOs, CFOs and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • Network Architects/Engineers
  • IT Managers and Directors
  • VP of Technology
  • Network & Storage Managers
  • Enterprise architects
  • Communications & Networking specialists

Those designing, building and managing today’s data centers are challenged with navigating increasing complexity.  There is the relentless demand for capacity driven by streaming video content and IoT real-time deployments.  Multi-vendor environments mean optimizing despite continued challenges of interoperability. Driving operational efficiencies is complicated by migrating legacy systems and applications, repurposing central offices into data centers, and introducing virtualized architectures. 
This one day workshop of presentations and interactive discussions will provide professionals insights and takeaways to act today and to confidently plan for tomorrow, whether working with enterprises, service providers or government data centers.  
Optimizing Interoperability through Standards: Optimizing performance and migration paths crucially depends on effective interoperability. The Telecommunications Industry Association’s Standards for Data Center (TIA 942) and BICSI-002 standards work together to improve overall performance. Learn the latest enhancements and plans for these standards, use cases as to how they apply to design and operation, and a brief review of proposed standards are on the rise.   

Efficiencies of High Density Cabling & Connectivity: The space-saving advantages enjoyed by high-density connectivity are accompanied by some challenges associated with installation and management of these connections. This session will look at new ways of using single mode and multimode fiber, MPO connectors, and implications across different types of data center deployments. 

Tapping New Technologies: Whether building new data centers or managing growth of current ones, it’s important to be leveraging the evolving technologies. This session will provide a look ahead to what’s on the horizon for Ethernet, Fiber Channel and Infiniband as well as other relevant technologies.

Deploying Multi-Tenant Data Centers: The world’s increasing consumption of data, combined with the trend of businesses and service providers outsourcing their data center facilities rather than owning and managing them, has resulted in significant growth in multi-tenant data centers (MTDCs).   In fact, one analyst firm has predicted that total operational square footage of global MTDCs can reach approximately 177 million by the end of 2018.  Learn about this trend and the implications for design and operations.  

What We Can Learn from Hyperscale Data Centers: Though they often have the luxury of avoiding legacy infrastructure, what can be adapted and adopted from today’s hyperscale data centers and over-the-top players? Whether planning technology, automated processes, or staff development or organization, this discussion will highlight what can be learned and incorporated into planning for smaller scale data centers.

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