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Public Safety Fireman Radio
Public Safety

Effective and interoperable communications among both legacy and next-gen technologies saves lives and protects property.

smart cities
Smart Communities

A smart community is a geographic area in which government, residents and companies leverage ICT to fundamentally transform their region.


The networks of the future are creating digital tools and capabilities to meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of consumers, businesses and the government. Beyond the pipes and hardware, the information and communications technology ecosystem is repositioning existing business models, launching new services, and moving to a new world of cross-industry competition and collaboration that…

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Public Safety

In times of emergency, first responders rely on public safety communications technologies to mitigate the crisis, protect property and save lives.

TIA Policy Forum: Harnessing the Benefits of 5G, IoT and Next-Generation Networks for Public Safety

Emerging wireless and IoT technologies are providing more innovative solutions for public safety every day. To ensure reliable and consistent connectivity for these new solutions, robust public safety communications networks utilizing an updated wireless infrastructure ready for 5G is essential. Watch Verizon and the Telecommunication Industry Association conduct a panel with leading experts discussing how…

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TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards

The TR-8 Engineering Committee creates and maintains standards for private radio communications systems and equipment for voice and data applications.

PARTNER EVENT: North Texas Smart Cities Summit

The North Texas Smart Cities Summit gathers municipal executives and federal and state policy advocates together with academic and industry thought leaders to address Smart Grids, Intelligent Buildings, Data Management, Public Safety LTE/FirstNet, and Cybersecurity.  

TIA Policy Forum to Explore Public Safety Benefits of 5G and Next-Generation Technologies

The Honorable Susan W. Brooks to deliver keynote address; executives from the NG9-1-1 Institute, Verizon, Nokia, and the District of Columbia Office of Unified Communications to discuss public safety benefits of 5G Arlington, VA (September 27, 2018) – The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks,…