Engineering Committee Scope Manual

TIA's Standards and Technology Department is composed of formulating groups consisting of Engineering Committees, their subcommittees, and working groups. These formulating groups develop voluntary industry standards and specifications for telecommunications equipment and fiber optic products.

The scope statements below focus on the standards and specification writing mission of the committees and their subcommittees and working groups. All TIA engineering committees have the additional missions of:

  • providing technical studies and support to their sponsoring TIA divisions;
  • formulating of inputs, where appropriate, to regional and international standards bodies and;
  • formulating of engineering and technical inputs into government entities as related to the standards in their scope, or as requested by the sponsoring TIA division or Standards and Technology Department.

Formulating groups scopes may be revised or reordered from time to time in order to carry out the mission of the committee as set forth in the Engineering Manual.

TR-14 Structural Standards for Communication and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures

TR-41 Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products

TR-41 Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products
TR-41.1 Telephony Aspects of MLTS and VoIP Equipment [INACTIVE]
TR-41.1.1 Analog Telephone Port Requirements for Packet-Based Terminal Adapters [INACTIVE]
TR-41.2 Conformity Assessment [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3 Performance and Accessibility for Communication Devices
TR-41.3.1 Enhanced Calling Services (Caller ID) Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.2 Stutter Dial Tone Detection Device Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.3 Digital Interface Communications Device Working Group
TR-41.3.4 VoIP Terminals Working Group [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.5 Analog Interface Communications Device Working Group
TR-41.3.6 Resistance and Impedance Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.7 Communications Device Environmental Performance Working Group
TR-41.3.8 Network Signaling Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.9 Cordless Telephone Operation and Feature Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.10 Speakerphone Acoustic Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.11 Headset Acoustic Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.12 Telephone Answering Device Performance [INACTIVE]
TR-41.3.14 Accessibility Working Group
TR-41.4 VoIP Systems - IP Telephony Infrastructure and Endpoints [INACTIVE]
TR-41.4.4 VoIP Terminals Working Group [INACTIVE]
TR-41.5 Multimedia Building Distribution Systems [INACTIVE]
TR-41.7.2 Commercial Building Grounding and Bonding [INACTIVE]
TR-41.7.3 EMC Considerations [INACTIVE]
TR-41.7.4 Environmental Considerations [INACTIVE]
TR-41.7.5 Telecommunications Overcurrent Surge Withstand [INACTIVE]
TR-41.7.6 Technical Documents Development Working Group [INACTIVE]
TR-41.9 Technical and Administrative Regulatory Considerations
TR-41.9.1 Technical Criteria Working Group [INACTIVE]
TR-41.9.2 Test Methods [INACTIVE]
TR-41.10 Private Integrated Services Networks [INACTIVE]
TR-41.11 Administrative Regulatory Considerations [INACTIVE]

TR-48 Vehicular Telematics

TR-49 eHealthcare ICT