Committee Member Tools

TIA Committee members may log-in and access the meeting set-up and report functions for meeting attendance lists. TIA will continue to add features to these pages for use by Committee Leadership to enhance the administration of the TIA committees.

The Committee Member Tools section contains many useful tools for members and committees, including the following:

  • Meeting History - Members can view their meeting attendance history
  • Project Forms - Members can complete forms to initiate new projects, ballots and publications as well as apply for project status changes and vote changes.
  • Meeting Reports - Members can view archived copies of reports from past meetings.


If you have any suggestions for future tools or information that would be useful to you or your committees, please feel free to contact us at and let us know your thoughts.

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If you are not in our database, please email or call 1.703.907.7700 9am-5pm EST for help.

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