Call For Speakers

Call For Speakers For TIA’s 2017 Accelerate! Year-Round Program

Please visit this page often as we are continually adding events for which we are seeking speakers. Also, please submit your name even if we are not currently featuring a topic which is of interest, and you will be added to the Speakers Bureau.

The Communications industry is in transformation – revolutionary technologies, startup ventures, mergers and acquisitions, new business models, developing standards both proprietary and open, and evolving policies and regulations.

TIA, as the organization that gives voice to this community, is changing with it. In response to advice and input from the membership and the communications industry, TIA has developed a full year of engagement opportunities and platforms for conversation. The rich array of events, learning tools and practical market insights present companies with new opportunities to accelerate the realization of your own goals and objectives, leading to greater return on investments.

TIA’s Accelerate! Program offers participants ways to work with industry peers to solve the difficult issues facing our industry, in business, technology (including standards) and policy. For those seeking enhanced market advantages, the program extends companies’ marketing objectives and brand identities to, expanded global audiences.

Current Programs Seeking Speakers:

June Jam:

June 5 - 7: TIA Executive Connectivity Jam, Dallas, TX

TIA Breakfast Series:

April 28: 5G Breakfast: Setting the Stage for Urban Innovation with 5G Networks, Boston, MA

September 20: Network Virtualization Breakfast: Operationalizing and Security NFV and SDN, Chicago, IL

October 4: IoT Breakfast: IoT Breakfast: Streaming Media Delivered: Ecosystem & Infrastructure, Silicon Valley, CA

TIA Workshops:

October 5: Communities & Transportation Workshop: V2X and Smart Communities: Building a Comprehensive, Ubiquitous Connected Environment, Silicon Valley, CA

October 17: Data Center Workshop: Building and Managing Data Centers for Zettabyte Streams, TIA HQ, Arlington, VA

TIA Webcasts: An ongoing series.

April 19: Designing Next Gen Networks for Streaming Entertainment

May 10: OneM2M Use Cases from Around the World

August 23: Cities Speak on Challenges in Building Connected Community

October 11: Venture Investment Trends in Communications and IoT Verticals

November 13: National Science Foundation’s Smart Cities Initiative with Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research/NSF Advanced Wireless Research Initiative Update & Smart Cities

TIA Speaks @:

March 28-29: TIA Speaks @ IoT Enterprise Summit, Austin, TX

April 6-8: TIA Speaks @ Open Networking Summit, Santa Clara, CA

All who apply will be included in TIA’s Speakers Bureau. Even if you have spoken before at any of our events, please apply below so we can have your latest information and know how you want to participate in the 2017 Accelerate Program.

NOTE that TIA members and program sponsors receive preference in placement. Contact to take full advantage of all that TIA has to offer.

Areas of Focus for TIA’s Program in 2017:

  1. Transforming Connectivity Infrastructure
    • This refers to all connectivity network technologies including and not limited to:
      • 5G technologies as well as legacy systems, LPWAN networks, unlicensed wireless, licensed and unlicensed spectrum, backhaul, NFV/SDN and virtualization overall, data centers, towers, cabling, fiber, satellite and all other communications topics related to this category.
  2. Operating Next Gen Networks
    • This refers to all management, orchestration, automation and artificial intelligence, workforce and Open Source software issues. It also includes business challenges such as new business models, CAPEX/OPEX and ROI, and new approaches to operations such as blockchain.
  3. Deploying Internet of Things
    • This includes both the communications infrastructure as well as the commercial, consumer, and government uses of IoT as they impact the development and deployment of the connectivity infrastructure. Related areas include:
      • Smart & Connected Communities (S&CC)
      • Vehicle Connectivity and Intelligent Roadways
      • Industrial Internet
      • Energy, Oil & Gas
      • Other related segments

Within the themes Transforming Connectivity Infrastructure, Virtualized Networks & Software and Deploying Internet of Things, there will be three cross cutting areas of disruption and challenge:

  1. Employee Staffing and Training
  2. Security: Cyber and Physical
  3. Artificial and Autonomous Intelligence

We are looking for:

  • Startup Competitor: Your company is a startup in the connectivity and communications industry, consider joining the Jam. Applications due April 24.
  • Webcast panelist: TIA does monthly webcasts on a series of topics. Please check the topics list. And if you want to offer a topic on which you would like to speak, please do.
  • Disruptor Keynote: Deliver a 10-minute Spark Speech during Jam Keynotes, June 6 or June 7. You and your company are innovative and your expert vision illuminates new ways to view the marketplace, the technology, or value in the chain. Your presentation can be augmented by a PPT, but your delivery is dynamic, engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking.
  • Table Ambassador: Our Table Ambassadors should have senior-level industry knowledge relating to one or more of the three streams, in order to lead discussions for each of 9 sub-topics (to be chosen by the each group). Ambassadors are analysts, TIA members, carriers, buyers and suppliers of connectivity solutions. You will gather key takeaways from the roundtable participants (see below) and report back to the whole group during the discussion. Apply to lead one sub-topic or more!
  • Roundtable Participant: If you’re used to conferences where everyone sits theater-style and bounces between email, games and paying attention – well, the Jam is not that. You’ll be seated at a round table with others in the eco-system, and your roundtable partners will change several times throughout the two days. Each discussion will be led by a Roundtable Leader (see above) and key takeaways will be delivered back to the group.
  • “Customer Challenge” Speaker: You’ll give the audience a glimpse of what you are looking for from suppliers of connectivity services and solutions – and what you aren’t getting. These insights will launch discussions among the audience, with analysts moderating the overall conversation to get to desired outcomes.
  • Panel Discussion Speaker: You and the other panelists will discuss your varying perspectives of an issue of critical importance to the industry. You have deep expertise of the subject matter and will enjoy debating with your counterparts.
  • Panel Moderator: You know the subject inside and out, and you are deft in ensuring the audience hears new and provocative information. You will be asked to prepare your panel by conference call before the Jam.
  • Startup Competitor: Your company is a startup in the connectivity and communications industry, consider joining the Jam. Applications due April 24.
  • Video Interviewee: You are invited to express your views in a videotaped interview onsite at the Jam. Interviews may also be sponsored and become part of TIA’s distribution channel.
  • Industry Video Panelist: As an expert in the field, you are invited to join with others in the eco-system to discuss and explore a topic. Industry panels may also be sponsored and become part of TIA’s distribution channel.
  • Stream Sponsor: As a leading voice for the industry, your company will be promoted as an innovator in one of the three streams, which include branding and benefits throughout the year and at the Connectivity Jam. Choose your stream and your level by consulting with TIA through
  • Sponsor: Your company may want to be highly visible at a reception, breakfast, VIP Dinner, Startups Competition, CTO Roundtable, or other event onsite at the Connectivity Jam. Choose from a variety of options and consult with TIA through