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TIA and our members set the standards, policies, and make the markets that the industry operates in every day. In addition to placing you at the table, TIA’s Full Membership unlocks the full benefits available within our community. As a full member, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Create industry standards
  • Influence policies that impact the industry
  • Mold the markets ICT operates in
  • Engage with lawmakers & regulators
  • Increase your visibility with a TIA NOW new member spotlight video
  • Gain timely ICT industry policy insights
  • Shape critical ICT policies
  • Participate in the diverse member community
  • Participate in multiple focused communities
  • Receive TIA market research
  • Receive member discounts on events
  • Receive member discounts on sponsorship
  • Receive member discounts on products & services
  • Participate in exploratory technology working groups


While there are more focused ways to engage (learn more about joining TIA here) our full members receive exclusive benefits not available to non-members. Members of the more focused TIA communities are not able to take broad advantage of our community platform and tools for connecting with all other members.


TIA Community Platform

As part of the TIA member community you have full access to our powerful new community tool. This platform allows you to meet other members, participate and start discussion groups, collaborate, solve problems, and engage in more productive ways beyond email. This ability to create peer-to-peer connections increases value and enable the community to steer how and what the industry collaborates on.


Members Only

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