The networks of the future are creating digital tools and capabilities to meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of consumers, businesses and the government. Beyond the pipes and hardware, the information and communications technology ecosystem is repositioning existing business models, launching new services, and moving to a new world of cross-industry competition and collaboration that seeks to solve challenges and address opportunities that stretch across multiple markets.

cyber security

Telecom equipment manufacturers must defend against external attacks involving supervisory control and data acquisition security pertaining to industrial control systems, and telecom equipment security.

quality assurance
Quality Assurance

Device and network assurance are critical to secure, scalable and reliable connectivity, which enables all internet traffic and applications.

Workforce Readiness

Skilled science, technology, engineering and mathematics workers provide a critical foundation to the success of the telecom industry.

artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Combined with ultra-high speed networks and quantum computing, AI will deliver tremendous benefits to society, improving the economy and quality of life.

wind mills

Sustainability efforts are fueled by technological advances, regulations, and best practices in energy efficient data centers, smart buildings, fuel cells in critical infrastructure and green procurement.

media files
Streaming Media

Video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019. In staggering quantities, network broadcasters and Over The Top (OTT) content providers are delivering content online.

telephone headset
Public Safety

In times of emergency, first responders rely on public safety communications technologies to mitigate the crisis, protect property and save lives.