Diverse Digital Workforce Reception – November 6

Diverse Digital Workforce: Being Your Authentic Self at Work

Thank you for joining us at this year’s TIA Digital Diversity Workforce event. We hope you enjoyed the presentation and conversation. TIA and the Quest Forum Board were delighted to be your host. We thank Rudy Brioche’, Catherine Johnston, Jennifer Manner, Bita Milanian and Elizabeth Rojas Levi for sharing their stories. And we thank Vicky Obenshain for engaging the panel and audience with insightful questions and commentary. We also thank our sponsors – Microsoft, Panasonic, and Ribbon Communications - who continue to work with TIA on this and other vital issues to the communications industry.

Workforce diversity is a top concern for every organization. Recognized as directly correlated to a strong bottom line, ethnic, gender and knowledge diversity are a focus of HR departments striving to bring on board an increasingly digital workforce. STEM and STEAM education, mentorship and young minds innovation programs, and on-going training, education and knowledge transfer programs for both the soon-to-be and experienced workforce are just a few of the ways corporations are enhancing the skills of employees.

A healthy, invigorating, and supportive work environment is another key factor to corporate success. Innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship bring to the digital workforce a sense of empowerment. Productivity and effectiveness grow when employees are encouraged to invest creativity, passion and their authentic selves into their jobs. Everyone wins as a result.

The speakers this evening will share their thoughts on the driving need for diversity in the digital workforce, the importance of STEM, STEAM and ongoing education, their path of passion in the work they do, the effect it has had on their career, and the cultural and financial impact diversity brings to organizations.


5:30 PM
6:00 PM

Registration & Welcome Reception

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TIA Welcome

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Diversity Panel Discussion


Rudy N. Brioché

Catherine Johnston

Jennifer Manner

Bita Milanian
Ribbon Communications

Elizabeth Rojas Levi, Nokia

Victoria Obenshain

● Rudy N. Brioché, Vice President for Global Public Policy and Policy Counsel, Comcast Corporation
● Catherine Johnston, Director of Systems and Resource Analyses, Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)
● Jennifer Manner, Senior VP of Regulatory Affairs, EchoStar Corporation
● Bita Milanian, SVP, Global Marketing, Ribbon Communications
● Elizabeth Rojas Levi, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, Nokia Corporation (Americas Region)
● Victoria Obenshain, Vice President, Wireless Strategy, Panasonic North America - Moderator

6:50 PM
8:00 PM

Reception - Continue the Discussion: Being Your Authentic Self

Heavy Hors D'oeuvres Served