Video Panel: Spectrum Frontiers and 5G Policy, 2016

Thank you for watching TIA's 5G Video Panel, which took place on July 14th.  The on-demand video of the panel is now available. To view, please complete the registration form to the right. 

TIA held an important discussion on spectrum policy related to 5G, including the FCC’s Spectrum Frontiers rules were just adopted. These rules are expected to open four new bands of high-frequency “millimeter-wave” spectrum above 24 GHz to mobile devices. The millimeter-wave spectrum is expected to form an important part of next-generation 5G networks. Spectrum policy experts from leading TIA member companies provided insight and reaction to the new rules, including the new opportunities created by opening this spectrum and the challenges that still must be addressed.

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  • Robert Kubik, Ph.D., Director, Public Policy, Engineering and Technology, Samsung Electronics America
  • Jeffrey Marks, Senior Counsel - Director, Regulatory Affairs, Americas Region, Nokia
  • Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Federal Relations, Associate General Counsel, Intel Corporation