TIA TR-8 Committee on Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Elects New Leadership; Begins Work on LMR Intrinsic Safety and Propagation and Noise

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TIA TR-8 Committee on Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Elects New Leadership; Begins Work on LMR Intrinsic Safety and Propagation and Noise

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, announced that its TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Engineering Committee has elected new leadership.  The election was held during TR-8’s meeting in Denver, CO October 22, 2014, where the committee approved an addendum for TIA-4950-A, Requirements for Battery Powered Equipment for Hazardous Environments; launched new work on a numeric identifier for analog calls, and established a new working group on propagation and noise. 

TIA congratulates the newly elected chair and vice-chair for assuming leadership roles in the TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Committee:

  • Andy Davis, Senior Resource Manager, Project 25 Standards at Motorola Solutions, was elected Chair
  • Alan Wilson, Principal Engineer at Harris Corporation, agreed to run for the Vice Chair position and was elected.

In the meeting, the TR-8.21 LMR Intrinsic Safety Considerations Subcommittee announced an open invitation to join the TR-8.21.1 ANSI/TIA-4950-A working group, which is leading the effort to add an addendum to ANSI/TIA-4950-A, Requirements for Battery-Powered, Portable Land Mobile Radio Applications in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Hazardous (Classified Locations). The active application of the existing revision has identified opportunities to add supplementary clarifications in some areas of the standalone set of intrinsic safety requirements that address issues unique to portable devices, which are likely powered by primary or secondary battery cells and are required to operate for extended duty periods, in both classified and non-classified environments between cell replacements or recharging.


The TR-8.18.2 working group on propagation issues related to broadband maintains TSB-88.2-D, Wireless Communication Systems Performance in Noise and Interference-Limited Situations. Changes in technology, refarming existing frequency bands, proposed 800 MHz band reorganizations and new allocations in the 700 MHz band, plus increased reporting of interference have recently occurred. These events support keeping the TSB-88.2-D document current. The purpose of TSB-88.2-D is to define and advance a scientifically sound,  standardized methodology for addressing technology compatibility. The working group has started to update the current revision.


TIA invites all interested participants to join the TR-8.21.1 working group for ANSI/TIA-4950-A and TR-8.19.2 working group for TSB-88.2-D.

The next TR-8 meeting will be held February 3-5, 2015 in Phoenix AZ. TIA welcomes all our participants to attend and engage in the committee meetings.

The stakeholders may include, but are not limited to: Project 25 and/or TIA-102 Series equipment manufacturers and end users.

TIA is actively seeking participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities.

For more information about TR-8 and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact Marianna Kramarikova at standards@tiaonline.org.

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