TIA Publishes Three Standards Supporting Private Radio Functionality

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TIA Publishes Three Standards Supporting Private Radio Functionality

Arlington, VA. (March 03, 2017) – The Telecommunications Industry Association, which develops standards for the information and communications technology industry, has released three new documents developed by TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards committee. These support land mobile radios for first responders.

ANSI/TIA-102.AABC-D-1 Trunking Control Channel Messages Addendum 1, specifies requirements for telecommunications infrastructure. This addendum adds enhancements to the Emergency Alert Request message to indicate an emergency generated internally or externally to the subscriber unit.

TIA-102.BACA-B-2 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface - Messages and Procedures for Voice, Mobility Management, and RFSS Capability Polling Services - Addendum 2 - Erratum 1 to Fix Errors and Omissions, specifies requirements for telecommunications infrastructure. This addendum will revise TIA-102.BACA-B to update content and add new requirements that have been identified since TIA-102.BACA-B was published.

TSB-176-A Radiowave Propagation --- Path Loss --- Measurement and Validation, specifies requirements for telecommunications infrastructure, adds material on broadband measurements, and updates existing materials because PLMR systems will soon be adding broadband capability and some of the existing material is out-of-date.

These standards were formulated under the cognizance of the TIA TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards, TR-8.10 Trunking and Conventional Control subcommittee, TR-8.18 Wireless Systems Compatibility - Interference and Coverage subcommittee and TR-8.19 Wireline System Interfaces subcommittee.

For more information about TR-8 and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact Marianna Kramarikova at standards@tiaonline.org.

TIA actively seeks participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities.

ANSI/TIA-102.AABC-D-1, TIA-102.BACA-B-2, TSB-176-A and all TIA standards may be purchased at http://global.ihs.com.

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