TIA Publishes (10) New Standards for M2M Deployment

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TIA Publishes (10) New Standards for M2M Deployment

Arlington, VA (November 12, 2015) – The Telecommunications Industry Association, which develops standards for the information and communications technology industry, has released 10 new documents:

TIA-5022.001 Functional Architecture (oneM2M TS-0001-v1.6.1). This document describes the end-to-end functional architecture, including the description of the functional entities and associated reference points. The functional architecture focuses on the Service Layer aspects and takes Underlying Network-independent view of the end-to-end services. The Underlying Network is used for the transport of data and potentially for other services.

TIA-5022.002 Requirements (oneM2M TS-0002-v1.0.1). This document contains an informative functional role model and normative technical requirements for oneM2M solutions.

TIA-5022.003 Security Solutions (oneM2M TS-0003-v1.0.1). The present document defines security solutions applicable within the M2M system.

TIA-5022.004 Service Layer Core Protocol Specification (oneM2M TS-0004-v1.0.1). This document specifies the communication protocol(s) for oneM2M compliant Systems, M2M Applications, and/or other M2M systems. This document also specifies the common data formats, interfaces and message sequences to support reference points(s) defined by oneM2M.

TIA-5022.005 Management Enablement (OMA) (oneM2M TS-0005-v1.0.1) This document specifies the protocol translation and mappings between the oneM2M Service layer and the management technologies specified by OMA such as OMA DM 1.3, OMA DM 2.0 and OMA LightweightM2M.

TIA-5022.006 Management Enablement (BBF) (oneM2M TS-0006-v1.0.1). This document describes the protocol mappings between the management Resources for oneM2M and the BBF TR-181i2 Data Model.

TIA-5022.008 CoAP Protocol Binding (oneM2M TS-0008-v1.0.1). This document will cover the protocol specific part of communication protocol used by oneM2M compliant systems as 'RESTful CoAP binding'. The scope of this specification is (not limited to as shown below): binding oneM2M primitives to CoAP messages; binding oneM2M Response Status Codes to CoAP Response Codes; defining behaviour of a CoAP Client and Server depending on oneM2M parameters.

TIA-5022.009 HTTP Protocol Binding (oneM2M TS-0009-v1.0.1). This document will cover the protocol specific part of communication protocol used by oneM2M compliant systems as RESTful HTTP binding. The scope of the present document is (not limited to as shown below):

binding oneM2M Protocol primitive types to HTTP method; binding oneM2M response status codes (successful/unsuccessful) to HTTP response codes; binding oneM2M RESTful resources to HTTP resources. The document is depending on Core Protocol specification (oneM2M TS-0004) for data types.

TIA-5022.010 MQTT Protocol Binding (oneM2M TS-0010-v1.0.1). This document specifies the binding of Mca and Mcc primitives (message flows) onto the MQTT protocol. It specifies how a CSE or AE connects to MQTT; how an Originator (CSE or AE) formulates a Request as an MQTT message, and transmits it to its intended Receiver; how a Receiver listens for incoming Requests; how that Receiver can formulate and transmit a Response.

TIA-5022.011 Common Terminology (oneM2M TS-0011-v1.2.1). This document contains a collection of specialist technical terms, definitions and abbreviations referenced within the oneM2M specifications. Having a common collection of definitions and abbreviations related to oneM2M documents will ensure that the terminology is used in a consistent manner across oneM2M documents, it will provide a reader with convenient reference for technical terms that are used across multiple documents. The present document provides a tool for further work on oneM2M technical documentation and facilitates their understanding.

The above mentioned documents were formulated under the cognizance of the TIA TR-50 M2M - Smart Device Communications committee.

For more information about TR-50 and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact Victoria Mitchell at standards@tiaonline.org.

TIA actively seeks participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities.

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