TIA issues two New Project 25 - Digital Radio Standards

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TIA issues two New Project 25 - Digital Radio Standards

Arlington, VA (September 25, 2014) – The Telecommunications Industry Association, which develops standards for the information and communications technology industry, has released two new documents, ANSI/TIA-102.AACA-A Project 25 - Digital Radio Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) Messages and Procedures and TIA-102.AAAB-A-1 Project 25 - Digital Land Mobile Radio - Security Services.

ANSI/TIA-102.AACA-A is a merger of OTAR Protocol document (TIA-102.AACA) with OTAR Operational Description document (TIA-102.AACB). OTAR is a method of encrypting and sending the encryption keys securely through the CAI. This new standards addresses  OTAR protocol for unclassified sensitive government communications.  It defines protocols and procedures to implement OTAR in radios conforming to P25 standards, including key management functions.  It also includes operation procedures as sequences of messages and basic procedures, defined in the Link Control Word Formats and Messages.

TIA-102.AAAB-A-1 Is an addendum introducing a high level functional and architectural overview of the security and key management architecture for TIA-102 system configurations. It provides an overview along with the functional and key management architectural models and descriptions.

 ANSI/TIA-102.AACA-A and TIA-102.AAAB-A-1 was formulated under the cognizance of the TIA TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards, TR-8.3 Encryption subcommittee.

For more information about TR-8 and how to participate in standards development with TIA, contact Marianna Kramarikova at standards@tiaonline.org.

TIA actively seeks participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities.

ANSI/TIA-102.AACA-A and all TIA standards may be purchased at http://global.ihs.com.

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