Membership on TIA standards committees is open to all persons, including non-members, who might reasonably be expected to be, or who indicate they are, directly or indirectly affected by the activity without dominance by any single interest. The TIA Standards department encourages all interested parties to join the U.S. standards development process. Membership on a standards committee carries with it an obligation to participate actively in the work of the committee through contribution of technical information, prompt reply to requests for ballots or comments on draft committee reports, and attendance at committee meetings.

An engineering committee participation membership fee will be required and charged on an annual basis. Committee membership will provide both you and your organization with access to in-person and teleconference-based committee meetings, the ability to submit, vote, and comment on technical contributions, access to committee distribution lists and project tracking tools, membership discounts on general standards purchases, and opportunities to participate in conferences and events hosted by TIA.

If you have any questions about the process, or are experiencing difficulties with the online form, please contact TIA Standards Department by phone at 703-907-7700 or by e-mail at

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Dues for General Supplier / Manufacturer members are based on the global gross revenues of your communications or information technology products. Companies engaged principally in the business of developing, manufacturing, distributing, selling, installing, launching or consulting in respect to communications or information technology products (including software). Start-up companies that do not yet have revenues will be categorized by overall size of the company to ensure an equitable contribution toward dues.

Please indicate below your gross revenues for the most recent calendar or fiscal year. If your company does not yet have revenues, please provide data on overall capitalization (gross operating budget) of your company.


Committee Interest

Committee Description Technology Select
TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Radio Equipment
TR-14 Structural Standards for Communication and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures Tower Structures
TR-30 Multi-Media Access, Protocols and Interfaces Terminal Equipment
TR-34 Satellite Equipment & Systems Satellite Protocols
TR-41 Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products Telephony, VoIP
TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Cabling, Data Centers
TR-45 Mobile and Point-to-Point Communications Standards Cellular Devices
TR-47 Terrestrial and Non Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia Multicast Multicast Protocols
TR-48 Vehicular Telematics Vehicular Data
TR-50 M2M - Smart Device Communications Machine-to-Machine
TR-51 Smart Utility Networks Mesh Networks

Note: Government agencies may be allowed to participate at no cost as "non-voting" observers