TIA Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

With TIA, you have the opportunity to accelerate your business growth in a multitude of ways. Your brand and thought leadership can shine through in-person events, online advertising, video webinars, hosting at TIA’s offices, and more.

Looking for a custom package addressing your specific needs? Just ask!

Contact sponsorships@tiaonline.org.

  1. 2017 Year-Round Sponsorship Opportunities at TIA – overview  
  2. Sponsor the TIA Connectivity Jam 2017 - June 5-7, Dallas  
  3. Branding and Advertising Opportunities  
  4. Window Cling Advertising at TIA Connectivity Jam 2017  
  5. Sponsor TIA Breakfast Series 2017  
  6. Sponsor TIA Workshops 2017  
  7. Sponsor TIA NOW Online Video Network & Innovation Xchange  
  8. Host Your Upcoming Meeting at TIA  
  9. 2017 Sponsorship Pricing