5G White Paper 2015

TIA's 2015 5G White Paper


Produced in conjunction with Heavy Reading

5G broadband service will impact all existing systems. Every industry, service provider and person on the planet will be using 5G systems in the next two decades.  5G promises to exponentially expand the global success of 4G-LTE and to underpin new technology deployments and future technologies that today can only be imagined.

Making 5G a reality is a multiyear, multi-service undertaking but there is no denying 5G is on the way.  It will require R&D Collaboration, spectrum availability, and solid business cases.  Already we see many players working to define what this future will look like.

This paper provides valuable insight into the network operators' view of the 5G revolution.  While there are many papers available touting visions of the 5G Network, only this paper has the views of the operators themselves on what they believe 5G will be.  The survey addresses such important questions as:

  • What do the operators believe is driving 5G?
  • When are 5G commercial services expected to launch?
  • What frequency bands does operators expect to be using to support 5G?
  • Do the operators think the network architecture be substantially different then today?
  • Will all 5G systems be interoperable and compatible?

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