TIA Resources

From TIA’s ICT Market Review & Forecast, to the Playbook, to the Buyers Guide program, to numerous white pagers, TIA provides its members with a wealth of cutting edge resources to use in running your business and ensuring its long term success across the ICT industry.

This white paper reviews current and proposed sources of R&D funding for spectrum research, identifying some specific R&D areas that are advancing the state of spectrum sharing technology.

TIA's 2014-2017 ICT Market Review & Forecast offers invaluable information and analytics on the growth of ICT verticals.

The Telecom/ICT Buyers Guide aids TIA members and other industry professionals with a unique online search tool providing quick access to an extensive directory of industry-specific products and services.

Learn more about TIA’s Fiber Optics Technology Consortium (FOTC), a consortium of TIA members formed in 1993 that serves as a resource for users and network designers

The SIP School’s online program is an effective and convenient source for both training and certification in signaling protocol used to establish sessions in an IP network.

TIA’s Glossary of Telecom Terms provides definitions for 5,800+ engineering words/phrases in the ICT industry. Alphabetical and searchable by term, the glossary is a crucial guide to useful vocabulary from “A” to “Zone of Silence.”

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