TIA Policy Overview

TIA offers companies an invaluable opportunity to participate in government and industry dialogue on the global policy decisions that impact the communications industry. Help shape the regulatory landscape focused on issues that affect your company by participating in our Events, Publications and Filings, or Committees and Working Groups.

  • For a list of TIA Working Group, Division, and Policy Committee Charters, click here.

    TIA files responses, letters, and related materials with leading regulatory and legislative departments in the federal goverment.

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  • Welcome back to the TIA Policy Update, a bi-weekly mailing exclusively for TIA members.

    TIA Innovation Agenda for 2014
  • This white paper reviews current and proposed sources of R&D funding for spectrum research, identifying some specific R&D areas that are advancing the state of spectrum sharing technology.

    The Federal Communications Commission is currently considering proposed Net Neutrality rules intended to ensure the Internet remains open, focusing prominently on the Future of Video.  Join TIA as we explore and clarify the issues at a Luncheon Roundtable.

  • The TIA Spring Policy Summit brings together top industry players with decision makers from Capitol Hill, the White House, and government agencies.

    An overview of the ICT market, technologies and policies that drive innovation and investment.