Innovating Standards Newsletter - SEPTEMBER 2012

  TIA QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (Volume II, Issue IV)                      September, 2012

TIA Celebrates 20 Years of ANSI Accreditation

This year, TIA celebrates 20 years as an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO). Throughout this time, TIA has proven itself to be one of the most trusted, credible and forward-thinking associations in the industry with more than 3000 Standards and over 2700 active documents produced.

Originally formed in 1988, TIA operated under EIA’s (Electronic Industries Alliance) accreditation as a globally recognized ANSI approved association. TIA soon displayed a passion for the same values that ANSI has stood for since its inception. Through the hard work and diligence of the members and participants of TIA’s Engineering Committees, significant advances in Telecommunications and Information Communications Technology have been realized, deployed and utilized, thus creating an industry with more than one trillion dollars in annual economic impact.

Grant Seiffert, TIA President, notes that “Throughout the years, TIA members have sought to produce integrity-bound standards for one of the fastest growing and largest industries of the US economy, and we continue to do so today as a proud ANSI-accredited SDO.“

To learn about our current technology and standards program developments watch the following interview with Cheryl Blum, Vice President of Technology and Standards at TIA.

Standards Institute of Israel Friendship Agreement

TIA announced that it has joined with the Standards Institution of Israel (SII) in signing an Honorary Member and Friendship Agreement to work together on ICT industry standards development and implementation.   Read Now >>

First Meeting of STEP Standardization TR-42.10

TIA is launching the standards development process of the Sustainable Technology Environments Program (STEP) to bring sustainability to planning, designing, integrating and operating technology systems.  The first TR-42.10, STEP, subcommittee meeting will be held in Philadelphia on October 1, 2012. For more information about participation, contact Marianna Kramarikova at or go to Read More >>

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TIA and IES Sign Friendship Agreement to Promote Harmonious Standards Development

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, announced today that it has joined with the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) in signing an Honorary Member and Friendship Agreement to exchange information and promote harmonious standards development in intelligent building systems, energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives, among others. Read More >>

TR-14 Point-to-Point Communications Update

TR-14 will be holding their annual meeting on October 23rd in Miami, Florida. This committee manages the TIA-222-G standards on structural design and fabrication of new and the modification of existing structural antennas, antenna-supporting structures, mounts, structural components, guy assemblies, insulators and foundations. At the meeting they will be addressing the draft TIA-222-G addendum which defines structural guidelines for wind turbines that are mounted on small steel antenna towers. In addition, the committee will be holding elections for the Chair and Vice-Chair positions. For more information, please contact Marianna Kramarikova at

TR-45 Mobile Access and Service Update

TIA’s TR-45 committee develops mobile and personal communications standards that support the operation of  wireless networks and mobile devices  around the world.  In the past months they have continued working with the ITU to update the recommendation ITU-R M.1457. This Recommendation identifies the IMT-2000 terrestrial radio interface specifications, based on inputs from external standards organizations outside of the ITU. These radio interfaces support the features and design parameters of IMT-2000, including the capability to ensure worldwide compatibility, international roaming, and access to high-speed data services.

Other new developments for Mobile Access and Service include progress on the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan 2 (PAP2) which works on wireless technologies for smart grid and the evaluation of wireless technologies. The cellular technology standards (including cdma2000 1X and HRPD) are listed as “under review” versus “identified” in the SGIP Catalog of Standards (CoS). TR-45.5 is on track to have cdma2000 1x and HRPD “identified” in the SGIP Catalogue of Standards. The CoS is a compilation of standards that are relevant to the development and enabling of the Smart Grid.

TIA TR-45.8 and ATIS WTSC G3GSN have initiated joint work on a new project for SMS to 9-1-1 to allow a user in an emergency situation to use SMS text services to contact the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) which will evaluate and deploy the emergency services needed by the caller.

Email Stephanie Montgomery at if you are interested in participating in this project.

TIA Joins Other Leading Industry Associations in Launch of oneM2M Partnership Agreement

Since 2009 TIA has been leading work on M2M with the formation of its M2M/Service Device Communications Engineering Committee TR-50. As part of TIA’s continuing efforts in the M2M arena, we are pleased to announce that the oneM2M partnership project has been launched.The Inaugural meeting of the Steering Committee was held on July 24-26, 2012, in Bellevue, Washington. The meeting was hosted by TIA and the Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions (ATIS.) TIA’s president, Grant Seiffert, signed the oneM2M Partnership Agreement on behalf of TIA.

The purpose and goal of oneM2M is to develop technical specifications to address the need for a common M2M Service Layer, which can be readily embedded within various hardware and software, and relied upon to connect the myriad of devices in the field with M2M application servers worldwide. It is intended that these specifications will be adopted by the partner organizations and complete the standardization process. TIA’s TR-50 committee on M2M communications will be taking the lead in these efforts for TIA. TR-50 has published TIA-4940, the Smart Device Communications (M2M) Reference Architecture and is actively working on the completion of the M2M Capabilities Protocol document, targeted for publication later this year.TR-50’s Security Working Group is also nearing completion of a report which provides guidelines on a threat analysis for M2M.

TIA’s Mobile and Personal Communications Systems Committee (TR-45), has also published M2M standards and continues its work in conjunction with TIA’s partnership in 3GPP2 (Third Generation Partnership Project 2) to develop other standards related to cdma2000® enhancements for M2M.

Join oneM2M through TIA by contacting Cheryl Blum at or Victoria Mitchell at or visit for more information.

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