Training and Certification

TIA’s Engineering Committees produce voluntary, consensus-based, industry standards.  TIA does not certify compliance to these standards, but is aware of organizations and consultants that can provide such services. 

TIA does have licensing agreements with some companies affirming their agreement to recognize and protect material copyrighted by TIA, and to ensure they have access to the appropriate Engineering Committee meetings and contributions so that they may track potential changes to the documents and keep their course materials as current as possible.

The key elements to such licensing agreements are:

  1. Such companies are full members of TIA and remain in good standing
  2. Such companies identify participants for the appropriate Engineering Committee or sub-elements.
  3. Such companies conducting training or certifications to a TIA standard will ensure all students acquire a legitimate copy of the standard.

The current organizations licensed by TIA for specific documents are listed below.  However, TIA does not endorse or recommend the following companies or their products or services.  Those interested in training or certification should conduct their own evaluations using their own research. 

For more information about TIA licenses for training and certification programs, please contact

ANSI/TIA-942-A Licenses:

Capitoline Ltd. – comprehensive TIA-942 data center certification programs and data center design and operations management training.
Ask about TIA-942 certification
Certified Data Centre Design training
Certified Data Centre Operations Management training
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CNet Training – Training Programs for Global Network Infrastructure and Data Centre Education Framework
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Enterprise Product Integration (EPI) Pte Ltd.
Certification Programs for TIA-942:
Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (CTDC)
Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor (CTIA)
Certified TIA-942 External Auditor (CTEA)
Details on EPI Certified TIA-942 Training Schedule