Virtualization: Impacts on Performance Assurance and Business Models

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 11:00 AM ET

The push to virtualize communication networks, control centers, and data centers through NFV and SDN technologies offers both great opportunity for management, speed to market, scale and business, and also brings many challenges. Efficiency, cost management, ensuring SLAs, managing OPEX and CAPEX, reducing product production costs are all business concerns faced by communications providers as they convert their networks to be increasingly software driven. What are the new business models that software enables? What are the customer expectations for new service deliverables? How can service providers, data centers and others guarantee quality of service? What tests are being conducted and what industry practices are being established? This webcast will review how companies are meeting the challenge of operating with new processes and with new requirements.

Glen McGowan, Principal Consulting Architecture, Dell
Andrew Young, Vice President of Business Development, iconectiv

Andrew Young
Vice President of Business Development, iconectiv

Andrew Young, Vice President of Business Development at iconectiv, is responsible for identifying new segments, channels, geographies and enterprise partners for current and future products and services. As the authoritative partner of the communications industry for more than 30 years, iconectiv’s market-leading solutions enable the interconnection of networks, devices, and applications for more than two billion people every day. A U.S.-based company, Telcordia Technologies, Inc., does business as iconectiv.