Webcast: 5G RAN - A Reality Check - Jan 19

High speed and autonomous transportation, remote surgical procedures, and mixed reality experiences are just a few of the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) technological game changers that require high speed and low latency communications infrastructure. 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies continue to evolve to meet the complex and continually evolving network requirements of IoT applications.


  • Brian Daly, Director - Core & Government/Regulatory Standards, AT&T Access Architecture & Devices
  • Adam Drobot, Chairman, OpenTechWorks
  • Steven Glapa, VP Marketing, Tarana Wireless
  • Limor Schafman, Director, Content Development, TIA (Webcast Host)

This webcast will explore the latest advances in RAN, including:

  • Which technologies will see the earliest deployments?
  • How important will the 3.5 GHz band networks (also known as the Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)) be in future 5G applications?
  • Will mmWave networks change the game in the last mile? 
  • How far will the industry advance in real deployments in the next year or two?
  • Where are companies participating in this ecosystem investing their money?
  • Are there concerns for Return on Investment (ROI) that companies are trying to resolve?


    Brian Daly, Director - Core & Government/Regulatory Standards, AT&T Access Architecture & Devices
    Brian is a thought leader on emerging technologies, public safety, and regulatory standards, focusing on 5G next generation networks and softwarization, Earthquake Early Warning through Cellular Systems, Wireless Emergency Alerts, and Mobile Device Theft Prevention. Within AT&T, Brian manages the strategic standards engineering team focusing on the standards evolution of the packet core and IP multimedia subsystem, virtualization, cybersecurity, small cells, and the Internet of Things. Over the years he has contributed to standards in global fora such as 3GPP, ATIS, TIA, GSMA, 5G Americas, IEEE, NGMN, NENA, and oneM2M. He is a member of the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council, where he co-leads the Mobile Device Theft Prevention working group and the Future Game Changing Technologies 5G sub working group, and advises on a number of topics including aeronautical platforms and cybersecurity. Brian is leading AT&T’s research into 5G use cases, requirements, and technologies, and led the 5G Americas project developing an America’s view on 5G.

    Adam Drobot, Chairman, OpenTechWorks Inc.
    Adam is currently Chairman of the Board of OpenTechWorks, Inc., which develops open source software for large complex applications, and CEO of IoXWorks, Inc. a company whose mission is the acceleration of solutions and adoption of the Internet-of-Things. He is on the board or an advisor to multiple companies and start-ups in Information and Telecommunications Technology. These include: 5 Screens Media, Inc., DataMi, Stealth Software Technologies, Advanced Green Computing Machines, and Berkshire Bridge Capital. He was previously with 2M Capital as a Managing Director and CTO. Prior he was, President of Applied Solutions and CTO of Telcordia Technologies, Inc. At SAIC, now Leidos, he held positions with increasing responsibilities which included: Senior Vice President for Technology and CTO of the Advanced Technology and Services Sector and co-chair of the SAIC Engineering Science and Technology Council. Adam is on the Board of the Telecommunications Industry Association, where he chairs the Technology Committee and co-chairs the CTO Council.

    Steven Glapa, VP Marketing, Tarana Wireless
    Steven leads marketing for Tarana, helping bring the company’s unrivaled wireless technology achievements into broad commercial service. Steven’s subject matter expertise in wireless reflects more than 20 years of experience in telecom networking innovation, including senior executive positions at Ruckus — where he co-led the novel marketing work key to 10x revenue growth and a successful IPO — and at ArrayComm, Zhone, Lucent, and Booz-Allen & Hamilton. Steven holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Columbia University, a BA in Physics from Carleton College, and a BS in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University.