IoT Breakfast: Streaming Media Delivered: Ecosystem and Infrastructure

Date: October 5, 2017
Location: Silcon Valley, CA

Funding resources spurred smart communities to begin the process of digitizing daily operations with street lights and public transportation, among other services.  A number of deployments have taken place that now enable ROI financials can now be tracked. Now communities are ready to take the next steps of expanding connectivity to build a more immersive connected environment for consumer and commercial use. This means expanding interactive applications to include education, retail, healthcare, intelligent transportation, energy and smart grid, among others.  Some communities have begun this process and have much to share.

This interactive, networking and presentation breakfast gathering will include city officials, technology experts, citizens and businesses, to present the latest in thought leadership, how they are experiencing the digitization of their businesses and lives, and best practices gathered thus far in this evolving and expanding ecosystem of connectivity.