Innovating Standards Newsletter - January 2013

TIA QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (Volume II, Issue IV)                                   January 15, 2013

Happy New Year from your TIA Technology & Standards Team

TIA is looking forward to 2013 and the many standards events and projects that are in the pipeline for the New Year. An exciting change for 2013 is the completion of TIA’s move to our new headquarters offices at 1320 N Courthouse Road in Arlington, VA.  Our new offices include several meeting spaces to host Engineering Committees, Subcommittees, Task Groups, Ad Hocs and SC and TAG meetings.  We are looking forward to hosting meetings at TIA again!

This January, look for TIA at the annual BICSI winter conference where we will be meeting with members in the building wiring community, presenting STEP pilot projects with a panel of experts (January 22nd),  and discussing the new projects in our TR-42 committee.  At the end of February, we are excited to be hosting the oneM2M Technical Plenary for the newly launched oneM2M partnership project.

In May, TIA will be active in Global Standards Collaboration (GSC-17) hosted by  Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA).  The mandate of GSC is to provide a venue for the leaders of the Participating Standards Organizations and the ITU to freely exchange information on the progress of standards development in the different regions and the state of the global standards development environment.  They collaborate in planning future standards development to gain synergy and to reduce duplication. TIA members and staff will be providing leadership on the issues of and input on issues related to M2M Communications, Smart Grid, Cloud Services, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Cybersecurity, Emergency Communications, and Sustainability (ICT and the Environment).

TIA Standards development in the coming year has some key revisions and publications in the pipeline. The TIA-568 family of telecommunications cabling standards is being revised by the TR-42 committees.   The structural standard for antenna supporting structures and antennas has begun a revision with TIA-222-H fully underway.  The new structural guidelines for small wind turbines on steel antenna towers are expected to be released by committee TR-14. 

We invite you to take a look at many of the milestones TIA has been able to achieve in 2012 by sharing with you our end of the year milestones from each of our pillars.  Please go to our homepage for the complete overview

International Activities
Meetings were held in the last quarter of 2012 for the three international IEC committees and three JTC1 Committees which TIA administrates for its members.  The TC46 committee on Cables, Wires, Waveguides, R.F. Connectors, and Accessories for Communication and Signaling met October 15-19 in Tampa, FL.  The committee discussed progress on standardization of radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies, the development status of the generic cabling systems series of standards and future work items for the committee.

There were meetings held on September 10-13, 2012 for JTC 1 SC 25/WG1-Home Electronics Network and WG3 Customer Premises Cabling, and on September 14, 2012 for SC 25 Interconnection of Information Technology Equipment. These committees have numerous documents in various stages of approval. Three of the WG1 Standards that were published this year originated from the U.S. and were managed by U.S. Project Leaders or Editors. The next meeting of WG1 is scheduled for April 22, 2013 at the new TIA Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

JTC 1 SC 25/WG3, Customer Premises Cabling, met in September.  Accomplishments of note were progress on ISO/IEC 11801-99-x Guidance for Balanced Cabling in Support of at Least 40 Gbit/S Data Transmission and Associated Transmission Characterization. The SC 25/WG3/IEC SC46C/SC48B Modeling task group, under the leadership of U.S., also reviewed some projects newly underway, including standards for Equipotential Bonding and Grounding and Automated Infrastructure Management of cabling.  In addition WG3 has completed the preliminary organizational work toward commencing the complete revision of its core cabling standards portfolio: Generic, Enterprise, Industrial, Residential, and Datacenter cabling. The next meeting of SC 25/WG3 is scheduled for February 25 in Ixtapa, Mexico. SC 25 resolved to have its next plenaries together with the WG and PT meetings in the week of September 30, 2013 in Sweden.

On October 7th through 12th the TC76 committee on Optical Radiation Safety & Laser Equipment met in Didcot, UK.  They reviewed the progress of work on laser radiation measurements, safety in fibre optics communications systems, and the joint work with WG10 on safety of lasers and laser equipment in an industrial materials processing environment.  The committee also reviewed their strategic business plan and discussed future work projects.

The TC86 committee on Fibre Optics met on November 15 in Queretaro, Mexico where they reviewed the new work in progress on CLIK connectors for fibre-in-the-home applications and performance standards for single-mode fibre pigtail style fixed attenuatosr for category O.  They discussed the environmentally conscious design project and they reviewed their strategic business plan.  In April 2013 TIA will be hosting two international meetings (the IEC SC86A, Fibres & Cables meetings and JTC 1/SC 25/WG 1 – Home Electronics Systems) at the new TIA headquarters building. If you are interested in participating please contact Florence Otieno.
Other international activities include TIA’s role as the Rapporteur of ISO TC 204 Working Group 16 (Wide Area Communications/Protocols and Interfaces). Mitch Tseng, Tseng InfoServ LLC,  serves as the Rapporteur for WG16 and supported five WG16 meetings held in 2012. Mitch is also the Chair of TIA’s TR-48, Vehicular Telematics Committee.  During the October meeting of TR-48, the US DOT gave a presentation on the DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications)  related developments and feasibility testing that was taking place in Michigan. TR-48 plans to follow up with DOT on the findings from that trial. If interested in TR-48, please contact Germaine Palangdao.

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Private Radio
The Mobile and Personal Private Radio Committee (TR-8) held meetings in Charlotte, NC the week of September 10, 2012.  The committee’s work in the area of Project 25 Phase II two-slot TDMA standard is virtually complete.  Also, work on network interface standards is reaching a state of maturity.  New work is beginning within the TR-8.8 subcommittee on a document for interface between P25 and LTE.  This is being conducted as a joint project with ATIS.  In addition, work is going on for a standard addressing push to talk (PTT) voice operation for LTE.
Other work continues to progress in the area of interference and propagation, with the upgrade of the TSB-88 series of documents in development by TR-8.18.  Also being worked on are standards for signal booster systems within the TR-8.11 subcommittee.
Subcommittee TR-8.21 has completed work on ANSI/TIA-4950, “Requirements for Battery Powered, Portable land Mobile Radio Applications in Class I, II, and III, Division 1, Hazardous (Classified) Locations”. The next meeting will be in Tempe, AZ the week of January 28, 2013.  If you are interested in participating please contact Marianna Kramarikova.

M2M Update
TR-50 approved TSB-4940, M2M-Smart Device Communications; Security Aspects, for publication at their December 2012 meeting. The intent of the standard is to provide guidelines for the Machine to Machine stakeholders to identify and reduce the risk of cyber-related vulnerabilities in their systems if they are designed according to the TIA M2M Reference Architecture. It is recognized that most of the security discussion is the implementers’ comfort with their systems protections and the threat vectors that exist around the system.  The standard lays out a threat analysis process with multilayer guidance and encryption with regard to device size and capabilities.  Vulnerabilities and mitigation recommendations are presented at a high-level to provide awareness of the most common and significant security vulnerability areas. Interested parties should look for the release of this standard in early 2013. If you are interested in participating in this program please contact Jeff Hannah or watch the video with Mihar Vicou, ILS.

TIA is also honored to announce that during the second meeting of the oneM2M Technical Plenary held in December 2012 in Beijing, the oneM2M members elected Peter Nurse, Qualcomm, and Chair of TR-50, as the Chair of the Technical Plenary. Peter has been integral to the formation of oneM2M and is also well known for his leadership within many areas of TIA and the ICT industry as a whole.

Satellite News
At the October TR-34, Satellite Equipment and Systems, committee meeting the group launched a new project on joint IP modem (JIPM) interoperability.  The intent of the standards is to produce interoperable equipment for the satellite community. The standard will be written in three parts.  The first part, volume 1, includes specific modifications to DVB-RCS and DVB-S2.  The second part, volume 2, addresses the Transmission Security (TRANSEC) requirements and specifications.  The last part, volume 3, covers the SNMP MIB management protocol.  The draft project number is TIA-4992, Joint IP Modem (JIPM) Interoperability Standard.  If you are interested in participating please contact Jeff Hannah.

Fiber Optics

On December 13th  TIA's Fiber Optics LAN Section hosted a webinar titled "The Need for Encircled Flux: Real or Imaginary."  As multimode fiber loss budgets become tighter, installers must take another look at their fiber strategies. This often means improving connector losses to meet ever-tightening loss budgets. The presenter Adrian Young of Fluke Networks looks at the impact of multimode fiber launch conditions and how Encircled Flux requirements can be practically met in the field. Webinar attendees earn one BICSI ITS Continuing Education Credit. Watch the webinar on demand  on the TIA Webcast Series Channel.  For more information about TIA’s Fiber Optics LAN Section please contact Elizabeth Goldsmith.

Recent Appearances
TIA attended and presented at the 2012 Wind Turbines Standards Summit hosted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colorado during the week of November 27th. Over 70 participants from various energy and sustainability focused companies attended.  Dave Brinker, Rhone Products, represented TIA’s TR-14 Engineering Committee, Structural Standards for Communication and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures, and presented on the ANSI/TIA-222-G, Structural Standard For Antenna Supporting Structures and Antennas, standard.  The presentation focused on the recent efforts in TIA committee TR-14 to develop the fourth addenda to TIA-222-G, which provides structural information that supports the addition of small wine turbines to traditional telecommunications steel antenna towers, commonly known as cell towers. Mr. Brinker also informed industry and stakeholders about TIA’s standards efforts and solicited feedback and follow-up participation to attendees on how input and review is provided in the standards development process. If you would like further information about TIA’s participation in this program or presentation please contact Marianna Kramarikov

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