Live Video: AT&T on 5G

5G Networks: Through the Carrier’s Optics

Carriers would like a clear path and plan for next-generation networking, but many industry stakeholders say that’s still not the landscape that exists for 5G. Three universal questions need to be asked: What are the use cases for 5G networks from the carrier’s view? How will network operators apply 5G technologies that technology suppliers need to provide? What policy constraints do carrier’s perceive as slowing down the evolution of 5G? There are two phenomenons that 5G brings to our industry. First, a technological phenomenon as we introduce new and advanced radio, access and offload technologies to the network. Second, a business model shift phenomenon that is already beginning to transform our product portfolios, expanding the scope of our supply chain partners and introducing new possibilities to monetize new services.

In a live carrier-focused discussion, TIA NOW spoke with Tom Keathley, Senior Vice President of Wireless Network Architecture and Design at AT&T, about what network operators’ needs and requirements are for 5G technologies.

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Tom Keathley, Senior Vice President,

Wireless Network Architecture and Design, AT&T Services, Inc.

Tom is responsible for the architecture, design, and delivery of AT&T’s Mobility network and the wireless device requirements and certification. Tom and his team also lead the architecture development for AT&T’s access technologies. Tom serves as the Chairman of the 4G Americas Board of Governors and sits on the Board of the Next Generation Mobile Networks organization. Previously as Vice President -Service Realization, Tom was responsible for the delivery of the video architecture and platform supporting the evolution of the U-Verse service. He was also responsible for the design and delivery of the mobility packet core as well as the transition of that platform to the User Defined Network Cloud. Tom has 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and served in a number of leadership roles in AT&T, Cingular, Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Cellular One and Southwestern Bell Telephone. Tom is a graduate of the University of Missouri - Rolla, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a Masters’ Degree in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.