“Chameleon Technology”: Live 5G Video Panel

To achieve a unified network architecture optimized to support agile business models, diverse applications, and wireless connectivity, 5G needs to be a “chameleon” technology.

This conclusion is the result of an online survey designed to gain insights into 5G trial and deployment activities, design priorities, and target markets for communication network operators across different global regions.

On this live panel focused on TIA’s 5G Operator Survey and Report, TIA and 5G industry experts will dive into the survey results and their implications on the future of next-generation wireless technologies and the network of the future.

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  • Bob DiFazio, VP, InterDigital Labs
  • Dr. Phil Marshall, Chief Research Officer at Tolaga Research and author of TIA’s 5G Operator Survey and Report
  • Peter Jarich, Chief Analyst, GlobalData (formerly Current Analysis)

The survey was commissioned by the Telecommunications Industry Association and developed in collaboration with subject matter experts from InterDigital and Tolaga Research.

Download TIA's 5G Operator Survey and Report here >>