5G, IoT and Autonomy

The Internet of Things will redefine services offered in such industry sectors as eHealth, smart communities, retail, transportation and energy. To provide the levels of service required, infrastructure networks will be suffused with levels of complexity beyond any deployed and operated to date.

The concept known as “5G” is still being defined. It will include legacy systems such as 3G, expand the development of 4G LTE, incorporate newly developed technologies such as holographic beamforming and virtualization, and include other types of networks such as WPLANs, satellite, and fiber. Interoperability of the networks, seamless integration of applications and the transfer of data across the networks and systems will require autonomous and artificial intelligence to ensure seamless, secure and ensured delivery.

Chris Clayton, Head of Solution Design & Delivery for Beyond Limits, and George Karayannis, Vice President of CityNOW for Panasonic, will take us on a deep dive on how the integration of networks and autonomous artificial intelligence capabilities will enable trusted IoT connectivity demands within Smart Cities.”

Chris Clayton, Head of Solution Design & Delivery, Beyond Limits. Beyond Limits is a technology company focused on products and solutions fueled by artificial intelligence & bio-inspired reasoning systems to support the Internet of Things and Intelligent Business Automation within the Healthcare, Finance/Insurance and Automotive Industries. The company leverages 20 plus years of Applied Cognitive Computing expertise and technology assets from Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL) in Pasadena. Chris is a proven business and technology strategist with deep experience in Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, IOT, Design Thinking, User Centered Design, Information Architecture, Sales, Marketing, Branding and Advertising.

George Karayannis, Vice Presdient CityNOW, Panasonic. George has over 25 years of emerging technology and sustainable solutions sales, business development and marketing leadership at Fortune 100 firms & high-tech startups. Mr. Karayannis currently leads Panasonic’s CityNOW team in North America. Previously, Mr. Karayannis served as VP US Smart City Solutions for Schneider Electric, led Smart Grid Business Development at Lockheed Martin and Trimble, managed New Service Strategy at AT&T, helped launch several wireless startups, co-founded a grassroots non-profit organization developing sustainable national energy policy, and served as a town councilman.